Rewatching: How I met your mother season 1

After Bones – which, while being captivating television, tends to bring me into thoughts of mortality and death and gore and all those fun things – I wanted to watch some of the lighter things in my collection. Ahoy with the How I Met Your Mother DVDs

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Rewatching: Bones season 6

The Season 6 of Bones begins where the last season ended – with the team split up all and all over the world. A case brings them together and back to the Jeffersonian. Brennan and Booth meet by the reflecting pool, where they agreed they would meet upon their return. However, things aren’t the same as when they left. Booth picked up a new girlfriend, Hannah, overseas.

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Rewatching Bones season five

Bones – Season 5  starts with Brennan returning from Guatemala and Booth returning, slowly, to duty after his brain surgery in the end of season 4.

A recurring theme in the first episodes is his recuperation, and the fact that he has to relearn things that he  previously excelled at, such as sharp-shooting, and plumbing.

Brennan has not chosen one lab assistant from her batch of potentials, so the episodes are still operating with different assistants.

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Rewatching Bones season four

After the disaster that was season 3’s overall storyline, and Zach Addy ended in a mental hospital. Dr. Brennan was in need of a replacement lab assistant. Bones – Season 4 is all about testing out her best grad students, in addition to resolving the cases that crop up.

Favourite quote
“Well that’s like me saying I don’t want to be a sexy FBI agent. We can’t change who we are.”
Booth after Brennan is having issues with being a writer.

The season starts with Booth and Brennan on a lecture tour in the UK. While there are some story lines coming back from previous seasons, such as the grave digger case returning – ending with the grave digger being caught, there are a lot more stand-alone episodes this season since the Gormagon arc was solved last season.

Favourite episode

The episode where Brennan decides that she wants Booth’s baby.

While I loved the above episode, having watched the seasons consecutively – it is such a change from season 1 Brennan. At certain moments, it felt a bit implausible. However, listening to her reasoning as to why, and have it be a part of her character development was fascinating.

The episode stopped the insemination from happening with Booth’s surgery, although his sperm is still frozen for possible future use.

Favourite moment

In the Norwegian Death Metal episode, Mayhem on a cross, there is a Norwegian word for skull. Brennan is correcting everyone on its pronunciation, and not perfectly.

Having an episode set partially in Norway was a fascinating thing to watch. The Norwegian dialogue was awkward and had probably gone through an automatic translator. But it is interesting to see one’s own country through the American television production.

The alternative episode after Booth’s surgery, where everything happens in a dream, and he is in love with Brennan.


Rewatching Bones Season 3

Season 3 of Bones was cut a bit short due to the Writers’ strike. An additional episode from season 2 was included in the season.

Best moment

In the Christmas episode, Brennan and Booth apprehend the bad guy in a Santa temp agency. The surrounding Santas start singing: “You’d better watch out. You’d better not cry…” from Santa Claus is coming to town.
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Rewatching Bones Season 2

Bones season 2 is partially about Brennan’s relationship with her recently discovered father, and Brennan and Booth’s relationship.

Unlike most of the other seasons, this only has 21 episodes. One was meant to air, but was held back due to the Virginia Tech shootings, as the episode dealt with finding human remains on the college campus. I recall that when the DVD came out, there was outrage online for the lack of the episode in the box set. The episode was later included in the following season.

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Rewatching: Bones season 1

I have been on a bit of a kick where I watch television and knit at the same time lately. I caught Top Gear, Idol, Cake Boss and a bunch of other things before deciding that it was the perfect time to watch some of my television box sets again. I started with Bones.

Bones is the story of Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist and Seely Booth, FBI Agent. Admittedly, the latter is the reason for why I started watching it – I kept up with some of the Buffy/Angel alumni who seemed like they were on interesting shows. Bones was one of those shows.

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