Norwegian cooking: Caramel pudding

I have a memory of watching my grandmother making caramel pudding in our kitchen at home. It might have been either my confirmation or my sister’s christening – since she was making it at our place and not her own. But it would also frequently be among the staples for dessert at Sunday dinner at her place.


For some reason, I’ve always imagined this to be super hard to make. It looks more impressive than it really is, as it is not that hard to make, I would say.
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Norwegian cooking: Sitronfromasj

Or, lemon mousse in English, of which there seems to be oodles of recipes on the internet.

I think the first time I really made this dessert, was back in home ec. in seventh grade. I remember it, because the other dish my group had to prepare, boiled fish of some sort, ended up being inedible, and so it was really pure luck that the lemon mousse turned out splendidly.

This time around, many things seemed to go wrong, and it did not turn out perfectly in consistency – the mousse refused to set properly. But as it tasted absolutely delicious, and tart, I’m still sharing 🙂

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