March recipe: BBC GoodFood Calendar


The March Recipe from the BBC GoodFood was this Lamb & Mango Curry. My local store did not have any lamb that wasn’t super expensive, so I replaced it with pork. Without any issues.

Minimal work, mostly it “makes itself” in the oven.

The curry actually really needs the mango to be interesting. A small dollop of natural yogurt, sour cream or something similar was a good addition.

It makes enough for six – you can freeze it, but it lasted pretty well in the fridge for three days. (At that point I was tired of eating the same thing for dinner anyway…)

Stir-fried pork with ginger & honey

sesameseedSometimes you just want an easy meal. This  Stir-fried pork with ginger & honey from BBC Good Food is sure to fulfill that.

Easy, tasty, and it doesn’t take too long to put together.

Perfect for those days when you don’t have the time to cook for ages, but still want something home-made.

And if you want more vegetables, it’s easy to add them to the stir fry.