Review: Still Reigning: Thoughts of a Queen

Still Reigning: Thoughts of a Queen
Still Reigning: Thoughts of a Queen by The Queen [of Twitter]

I loved and chuckled often at The Queen_UK on Twitter in the beginning. I have the first book, and laughed several times while reading it. In most of her tweets and analysis, I thought she was spot on. Witty.

However, with this one… I don’t find it nearly as funny. Maybe because there is so much repetition between each chapter, and sometimes “she” contradicts herself from chapter to chapter.

Plus, I get that it is a gimmick, but after hearing in chapter after chapter (not to mention in several tweets over the past couple of years) how much the Queen of Spain loves Phillip Schofield, I got a bit tired of the whole concept. There is a decided lack of imagination, beyond some jokes that gets repeated ad nauseam.

It is a fun idea when you evolve as you go along, but to me the fun of it has outlived itself.

If you haven’t read the first book, or followed the persona on Twitter, then it is worth the read. If you have… probably not. (And I feel supremely grumpy for saying that, because I really wanted to be entertained.)


Review: Gin O’Clock

If you’re not following The Queen on Twitter, the title of this book will likely mean nothing to you.

The fictional Twitter account is usually a funny, running commentary on what the life in the UK is like from the throne, written in the royal “One”. (It usually involves a large consumption of gin, hence the name of the book, one presumes)

The book is a collation of some of the tweets from the past year, as well as expanded beyond Twitter’s limited set of character, so it reads more like a diary. It is not meant to be taken seriously, as it is a parody, but at the same time – it does give a rather nice overview of the past year for the British royal family, as well as with certain world events.

If you wanted to know what the Queen thought of the two royal weddings last year, her prime minister, or current events… look no further.

If you’re following her on Twitter, it will be a lot of the same things – but expanded. If you haven’t been following her, but enjoy a twisty parody – look no further. I enjoyed it.