Chili meatballs

These cocktail meatballs from Allrecipes quickly became a staple in my party food cookbook. I have modified a bit, to suit the Norwegian/Danish kitchen, and my own laziness.

See, I buy the meatballs instead of making my own – which might be why I think it is dead easy.

Essentially, you mix jelly/jam, chili sauce, lemon juice and brown sugar in a pan, and let them combine. After that you add the meatballs, and let it stand for an hour or so, while you get dressed for the party, do a last minute panic cleaning, or whatever else you like.

Since jellied cranberry sauce is fairly difficult to come by in Norway (and if where it is available, it is usually super expensive), I have substituted with different things on different occasions. What probably works best is red currant jelly, but raspberry jam will do in a pinch. (You do tend to get a lot of extra seeds in your teeth, though.)

In addition to the ingredients below, you need a bag of 20-40 meatballs, depending on how much you want.

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Mutton in cabbage

 Mutton in cabbage, or Fårikål, in Norwegian, is one of the recipes that Norwegians view as traditional and Norwegian.

It usually is made in the fall, and actually has a whole day dedicated to it. September 29. There are also groups dedicated to it, and friends will get together for dinner parties.

It is about the simplest recipe to make, which everyone was eager to tell me as I was planning on making it, though it takes a while on the stove.

The recipe below is translated and adapted slightly from Matprat – but all the recipes I’ve seen of this are similar in construction.

It is traditionally served with potatoes.

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