Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s history of ailments

Crown Princess Mette-Marit had her surgery yesterday, and, according to reports, came through all right.. She will have a few days of recuperation at the hospital, and then some re-training at home.

It is just the latest in the line of unfortunate ailments for the Norwegian Crown Princess. Ever since the marriage in 2001, there have been incidents and cases where she either has been ill, or just plain unfortunate,  have ended up on sick leave, or similar.

For a lot of the incidents, it is something that could happen to anyone of us – and most likely do. It just becomes so very visible when it is the Crown Princess, and she has to cancel stuff.

Below are some of them. I highly suspect there are much more. Some which she may have worked through, and some that have gone fairly unnoticed because a light schedule.

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Mette-Marit to have surgery

On October 8, the Norwegian royal court announced that the neck prolapse of Crown Princess Mette-Marit had returned, and that the Crown Princess was on sick leave for two weeks.  On October 21, they announced that the leave had been expanded 6-8 weeks, as she was not better.

She is still not better and the doctors have recommended that she will undergo surgery.

“We had hoped, for a long time, to avoid surgery, and we have waited as long as possible. She is in great pain now, so surgery is a necessity,” Marianne Hagen, Communication manager at the Royal Court, told NTB.

The royal court announced today that the Crown Princess will have surgery on her neck to remove the herniated disc as well as release some of the pressure on the nerves in the neck. The surgery will take place this week, and the Crown Princess will remain in hospital for a few days after the surgery. The recuperation and rehabilitation period is unknown in length at the moment, and the court states that it is too early to determine if the sick leave will need to expand beyond the current time.

Unlucky Mette-Marit

It seems that Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s bad luck is neverending. I summed up the past happenings at Blog Royale when she fell in the Ukraine.

This time, it is a public release from the royal house stating that Crown Princess Mette-Marit has been put on sick leave for the next three weeks by her doctor. The reason for the leave is abrasion damage to the neck vertebrae.

This means that her programme will be cancelled for the next three weeks, and that Crown Prince Haakon will be representing the Norwegian royal house at the Olympic Games in Vancouver from February 12th to February 17th on his own .  He is currently in Kazakhstan, where he will be opening a new embassy for Norway.

Count Christian of Rosenborg has cancer

According to a release sent out by the Danish court today, Count Christian of Rosenborg has been examined at Gentofte hospital, north of Copenhagen, and been diagnosed with throat cancer. The Count is currently undergoing treatment, but the court is not commenting on his health beyond the announcement.

Count Christian was also in the hospital last year, around Joachim and Marie’s wedding, when he was the victim of a virus infection that the doctors were worried would have spread to his heart, and that he quite possibly had gone around with for months. He recovered from that, and was on the guest list for the Prince Consort’s birthday earlier this summer.

Queen Margrethe’s cousin, Christian is 66 years old. He is the second son of Hereditary Prince Knud and Hereditary Princess Caroline-Mathilde. He has an older brother, Count Ingolf, and an older sister, Princess Elisabeth. He is married to Anne Dorte, and they have three daughters together, Josephine, Camilla and Feodora, who in turn have given them seven grandchildren.