Kitchen II

I’m still working my way through Regina Leeds’ book, albeit slowly. Last week I started planning for the game night I’ve got going on, and the trivia weekend the weekend after that – so even though I looked through the chapter on the second part of the kitchen organization, I haven’t implemented much yet.

My kitchen is so small that I’m not sure two weeks is needed. However, I am getting some good tips from the chapter that I will implement.

One example is that things that I don’t use often can be delegated to the top of the refrigerator. I will try putting my cake tins there, as they’re very difficult to stack in the cupboard, and I could (probably) use the cupboard space for other things.

One benefit to this book now is that I’ve finally managed to collect the boxes I used for the Christmas cookies – and will now finally clean and stow them away. Things take time. (I just took down the Christmas lights outside yesterday – it was so nice to come home to lights outside when it was so dark…)

Organizing the kitchen I

Still going on about the Regina Leeds book One Year to an Organized Life: From Your Closets to Your Finances, the Week-by-week Guide to Getting Completely Organized for Good. I’ve made it to week 3 – and now we’re heading into kitchen territory. The first week is about planning how you’d like your kitchen to be – and what utensils can be eliminated, if you have a lot of them.

My kitchen is rather small, and lacking in counter space. I’ve solved that partly with adding an IKEA Stenstorp kitchen cart. It gave me a bit more counter-space, as well giving me a bit more shelf-space underneath. I’ve put the microwave there, as well as a couple of the other kitchen machines I use often.

The big advantage of the kitchen is the big cupboards. I can fit almost everything and the kitchen sink in there, if I arrange things around. However, the fact that they’re big, also means that they’re fairly deep and things can be difficult to locate. It’s also easy to just put things into them in the heat of the moment without thinking about if I’ll be finding them later…

A couple of things that I’ll be implementing at some point:

  • additional containers for foodstuff for the pantry, to organize further. I have three containers, that I use for flour, cocoa and powdered sugar, already. I’ll be picking up
  • 3 Step Kitchen Cupboard Shelf, or something similar. This would give me a bit more overview over pantry items, ensuring that I won’t buy double of anything. Hopefully.
  • A permanent marker to label dates on items I put in the freezer, containers I open in the refrigerator…

Creating routines and schedules

I’m still on following Regina Leeds’ book – last week, the task was to think about goals: what do I want to spend my time doing. This week, the topic is creating routines, and schedules.

I’m really bad when it comes to setting routines. (Partly why I am doing this, obviously). A lot of the time, I start out with good intentions, but get distracted by something along the way.

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What are my goals?

I am currently in the start phase of going through, week by week, Regina Leeds’ One year to an organized life. I got the book last year, but with all the things that happened then, and the fact that this book start in January, it is easier to give it a go now.

I am not one of those people who can have a spotless house without a lot of work behind it. Most of the time, it isn’t even a priority.

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to keep my flat tidy, and I hope that getting better at organizing will aid in that.

The first week is all about time management. How do I manage my time? How much time do I have to do things, and how can I be more effective?

I generally think that this time of year is the worst when it comes to time management for me. I leave work at the same time as I do in the summer, but because it gets dark so early – I am more inclined to stay in once I get home rather than go out.

It is also easier to sink down on the coach and watch TV or read than to do anything active, like housework, now than it is when it is lighter outside.

It’s why I have started going to the gym after work, and have the work-out clothes with me to work.

I’ve found that lists help, but also setting aside a specific amount of time to do the chores on the list. If I set the alarm on my phone for 30 minutes, I can get quite a bit done.

I’m very effective once I start, but I have trouble starting. Anyone else?