Have you heard of the game 2048? It is addictive.

And then come the rip-offs – some are funny, like the BBC Sherlock edition. Or even more difficult, like the Tetris version.

You can also make your own version of the game – I made an Alphabet one.  And then I thought of the possible royal twists – The longest reigning British monarchs for example.  Or this Royal Heirs edition, and the complementary Monarchs, going from shortest “reign” to longest.

(I was originally going to make it all European, but there is one monarchy short in Europe for that, so I included Thailand. Since Alois hasn’t taken completely over in Liechtenstein, I still have him down as a heir.)

Logic puzzle generator

I came across this a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been having fun with it ever since.

It’s a logic puzzle generator, where you have to figure out who lives where, who drinks what… etc.

Essentially, you set your own difficulty in how many variables you want to logically try to reason out. The link will send to to a fairly easy version, but you can easily up the ante.


How well do you know your English dynasties?

Sporcle has a timed quiz going on to see how many of the English royal dynasties you can name. Some of them may be self evident, whilst others may be hidden well within your mind. I got stuck with one remaining for what felt like ages, but eventually perservered.


It’s quite entertaining, and at most takes two minutes, so I suggest you give it a go and leave a comment with how you did. 🙂 


Good luck.