Scandinavian cooking: Wales kringle

WaleskringleOddly enough named Waleskringle – I have no idea where the name comes from. If I were to hazard a guess, as it is an old Danish dessert, I would guess that it might have been named when Princess Alexandra of Denmark married the Prince of Wales, although one dictionary say that it is an old Welsh dessert… Can anyone shed some light?

This is actually a family recipe. My grandmother dictated it to my Dad when he went off to uni, so he’d be able to make it himself. Whenever we would stop at my paternal great aunt’s house, we would also get it – and it would get scarfed down like we were wild animals in training.

It is basically a profiterole dough, but instead of making profiteroles, you make three rectangular stripes of dough.

My grandmother’s recipe did not include the frozen puffed pastry underneath – I’ve seen other recipes with it, so I thought I would try. Include, exclude – it makes very little difference to the end result.

Other recipes include filling it with custard or jam – we’ve never had that, so I didn’t try doing it this time around.

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Did I pick this up?

While cleaning my grandmother’s flat for the weekend guests – my mother found a book I’d loaned her last summer. As a book mark in the book, my grandmother had used a “package to pick-up” notice from the post office. My box of books from Amazon.

My grandmother was in the final stages of being able to live at home, with her dementia, last summer (my grandmother, her dementia, me and the Chinese guy in the basement – sounds like the beginning of a joke.) she would bring the post in, and put them “smart places” so she’d remember where she’d put them…

I have a year old notice that says she might not have remembered to give it to me.

The question now is: Did the post office send another notice that I actually got – or did they just return them to Amazon once I failed to pick them up?