The dentist tomorrow

I’ve never really had a fear of dentists. As a kid I used to love going to them – and even having a cavity filled in 9th grade wasn’t much of a deterrent. And yet I’m slightly anxious every time I go to the dentist now – after my burnout/anxiety/depression hit fully.

Not because it is the dentist, but because I never know when panic attack symptoms will hit (it typically does when I’m in situations where I feel stuck, so dentist, taking blood tests, getting my eyesight checked, massage therapist,¬†gynaecologist…)

Granted, I’m much better these days. But my mind is also bringing back that time in Denmark, when I had my wisdom tooth out, and the adrenaline rush from the pain reliever was enough to give me a similar feeling, so I’m not looking forward to this… really.

(Doesn’t help that the other wisdom tooth is just lying in wait…)