February recipe – BBC GoodFood Calendar

Chocolate cakeThe February recipe in the BBC GoodFood calendar was the Squidgy chocolate & pomegranate torte. 

My pomegranate wasn’t tasting as it should, so what ended up on the table was just the torte itself with the ganache.

I also don’t have access to a food processor at the moment, so I used my blender to blitz the almonds. It may have resulted in slightly bigger pieces, but not by much.

I brought the resulting cake with me to work, where it was promptly devoured. I even spotted some of my colleagues scraping the tin. The latter may be a sign that it should go on the list of cakes to make again.

Review: The Chocolate Kiss

The Chocolate Kiss
The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just reread this book, and completely had a chocolate craving. Especially since the hot chocolate played such an essential role in the book – almost like a character of its own.

And then it snowed today. So I felt like I had the perfect excuse.

I made the chocolate chaud recipe in the back of the book. It was a perfect cup on a cold day.

hot chocolate

The next time I make it, I might skip the cinnamon and nutmeg infusion though. I think the chocolate could stand on its own well enough.

Review: The Chocolate Heart

The Chocolate Heart
The Chocolate Heart by Laura Florand

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Laura Florand is a recent discovery of mine. It’s only last month that I picked up the first book in this series, and then ended up devouring all her backlist like a madwoman. Paris, chocolate and cultural misunderstandings… – what’s not to love?

The Chocolate Heart is one of those books that, if it was less well written, would be annoying as hell. It is about the heiress Summer Corey and the pastry chef Luc Leroi. Summer’s dad buys her the hotel where Luc works at the 3 star restaurant. From the minute they meet, there is misunderstandings.

These go on for almost the whole book – and could maybe partly have been solved in half the time if the two of them were less neurotic, and less inclined to misunderstand everything the other one is saying.

It is only Florand’s excellent writing which carries the story so well to the end. As it is, it is delicious and sweet and wistful…

It’s actually a book that I am sad to see end. The first book in this series was good, but I feel like the stories and the writing is improving book by book, and it will be a pleasure to read the next one, and re-read them again and again.

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Incredibly tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Chocolate chip cookies come from Cook’s Illustrated, who call them perfect. I have to concur. These are delicious, slightly chewy, and flat-out yummy.

I didn’t have chocolate chips on hand, so I went with M&Ms. The result was a bit multicolored but that only added to the fun.

I had to take two aside for my parents; otherwise my sisters and I would have gobbled all of them down.

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Milk chocolate sorbet

It may not be warm enough here for ice cream or sorbets – but it is always time for chocolate.

I first saw this on Good Eats ‘n Sweet Treats; it  is part of the Tuesdays with Dorie project.

Intrigued by the concept, and having a love of chocolate, I rummaged through my cupboards and found the ingredients for this sorbet.

Essentially, it is just five ingredients. I didn’t have all of the original, so I substituted the dark chocolate for Cadbury Dairy Milk and cut down on the added sugar to compensate.

The recipe doesn’t make a lot of sorbet, but since it is so rich, it lasts for a very long time if you’re not having a party. (The post I got the recipe from says that it keeps in the fridge for 2 weeks, but mine was quite tasty even a month afterwards, though a bit harder than sorbet.)

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Chocolate and custard cupcakes

These are my mother’s chocolate cupcakes. Yummy and chocolatey, and the custard filling makes for a nice surprise inside.

In my opinion, they’re also exceptional when eaten slightly frozen – when the custard is ice-cold and the chocolate is deliciously chocolatey.  I’ve actually frozen almost all of the cupcakes from this batch – it stops me from eating all of them at once, and increases the odds that there will be something around if I get unannounced visitors.

Thick vanilla custard cream is available in stores in Norway, so there is no recipe here. If you’re making that as well, the consistency should be somewhat similar in consistency to a Crème pâtissière filling.

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Chocolate Dump Cake

Every now and then, I need an easy thing to throw together for unexpected visitors.

This time, it was a friend of mine who is getting her PHD in Vienna, who is home for a brief time this summer. I had been offered dinner at my parents before she was due to arrive, and so I had about 40 minutes to get this thing going.

I also made it for the Eurovision Song Contest party I held earlier this year – sometimes you need the chocolate to get a sugar high to make it through the evening… 😉

It is about the simplest thing ever, and getting the batter together takes about five minutes.

I first saw it on Eat, Live, Run, and have made it a couple of times since then.

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Chocolate Raspberry Tart

The picture is really not doing this tart justice. It tasted delicious, and as I said as I was making it – there are very few ways to make this go wrong. It is chocolate and raspberries, for Heaven’s sake… 😉

I used the wrong size of mold, so the pie crust was a bit too thick at the bottom for my taste. The chocolate-and-raspberry filling was delicious.

Since we had a bit of leftovers, we froze it – and I ended up eating a small piece straight from the freezer. It tasted like a bar of chocolate, with lots of raspberries in. I thought that was even better than the non-frozen version…

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Literary cooking: Miss Trunchbull’s Chocolate Cake

For this year’s Halloween bash, it was a goal for us to have a thoroughly gross fare on the table.

We borrowed Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes by Felicity Dahl and Josie Fison, illustrated by Quentin Blake (in Norwegian) from the library and glanced through it. While a lot of the recipes were decidedly revolting, there was also a limit as to what could be done easily, and what was really suitable for a party for adults…

We ended up making the chocolate cake from Matilda. It’s called Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake in the book, but I wonder if the more accurate name would be Miss Trunchbull’s Chocolate Cake?

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