“Thai” Chicken Pizza


In some ways, this pizza is deceptive. The picture looks about the same as the pizza did. Not very attractive. Oh, but the taste…

It is pure deliciousness from the first bite.

There might have been leftovers for the next day (since I can’t eat a whole of these pizzas by myself at one time), which I promptly devoured cold. (The flat I’m subletting doesn’t have a microwave.)

Anyway. it is the Thai Chicken Pizza from Annie’s Eats. My modifications were inspired by the Norwegian pizza chain, Dolly Dimple, which has a pizza called Thai Summer II.  The dough recipe (utter carb-y delciousness) makes two pizzas. I froze half of the dough, and will be using that on a later occasion with different topping.

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Chicken Paprikash

This is a delicious, filling – autumn recipe. Going into darker times (or, if you’re where I am, the darker times have been inching in since September) you need some comfort food.

My reason for making it is a fairly simple one. It all started with a book. I can’t recall the book right now, I read it in my teens, but one of the characters had a Chicken Paprikash recipe that she dragged out from time to time. (I suspect it was Scruples 2, but I can’t say for certain.)

It sounded interesting. (I remember loving the thought of adding sour cream to it.)

This was yummy, easy and very tasty.

The below recipe has been adapted from Simple Recipes. The original recipe serves 4-6 people. I cut it down to serve 2. I ended up serving it with some leftover mashed potatoes.

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