Carrot and coriander soup

One of the soups I first made this summer, and then remade again when there was a sale on carrots this fall, is this Carrot and coriander soup from BBC GoodFood.

Last time, I even made a double batch, so I could have a couple of extra batches for freezing. I swear, I think I’m becoming obsessed with freezing food, especially when I have the ease of coming home from work or the gym and then just heating up a portion of soup.

Add in some whole-wheat pita breads, and it’s a feast.

Basically, it is simple, tasty and filling.

Healthy Cooking: Carrot patties

After really binging this weekend (why, oh, why?) I felt the need for something healthy for dinner today. I landed on carrot patties – made from the same principle as hamburger patties, I guess, but without meat.

If you have a food processor, this is not a time-consuming recipe. If not, like me, you’re going to be spending some time shredding the carrots and potatoes.

Carrot patties (gives about 6-7 patties)

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