Soft pretzel buns

Sometimes you just need something small to snack on. Or maybe dip in something. Or put jam on – so that the mix of sweet/salty comes through. These pretzel bites (though mine ended up more like small buns) had an incredibly spongy quality that reminded me of bagels. (Not so strange, considering that they went into a pot of water, like bagels do.)

If I would have made it differently, I wouldn’t have skimped on the salt. (I was afraid of overdoing it.) The ones where we could really taste the salt were the best ones.

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Caramelized red onion and feta “pull-apart” bread

The cinnamon pull-apart bread made its round in the blogosphere a while ago – and boy, was it tasty.

But I was intrigued when I saw the other side of the coin – the savory version at Pink Parsley.

I modified a bit, the cheese and herb looked good, but I had a real craving for caramelized onions and feta cheese. I also substituted regular flour for bread flour.

I loved it. My sister, H., who isn’t crazy about onions, liked most of it, but the middle pieces which tend to have a lot of filling were too much for her.

Dragging the slices off the bread satisfies a childish tendency in me.

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