Abdication in Belgium (100 things #13)

Yesterday, King Albert II of the Belgians announced that he is abdicating. You can watch his speech in French in the YouTube video below. I’ve also been pondering a bit about this – I’m by no means a Belgium expert or follow the Belgian royals avidly, so feel free to chime in if you want.

2013 is really turning into the year of abdications, isn’t it? First the Netherlands, then the Emir of Qatar announces that he will be abdicating, and now the King of the Belgians follow suit.

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The abdication and the investiture

I didn’t take the day off for the Cambridge wedding, but I’m enough of a royal watcher still to take today off at work and spend the day in front of the television set. I’m fortunate enough as a royal watcher to have the transmission going on in two channels, with both Trond NorĂ©n Isaksen commenting for NRK and Kjell Arne Totland for TV2 Nyhetskanalen. Royal experts on both channels.


I’ve chosen to go with NRK for this – if only for the lack of commercials.

And now the royal family have appeared, and Beatrix is getting ready to sign her own abdication.

I’d say it is a once in a lifetime occasion, but as the Prince of Wales would argue (he was also present at the investiture of Beatrix) in the Netherlands it happens more frequently than that.

The Dutch abdication (a 100 things #7)

Tonight, Queen Beatrix announced that she is abdicating and that her son, Willem-Alexander, is taking over the throne. The abdication will be final on April 30, The Queen’s Day, and Willem-Alexander will take over the throne on that day. (I presume this means that the day will be called The King’s Day for the duration of Willem-Alexander’s reign.)

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