Also… I finished Nanowrimo in November! A triumph because it has been such a long time since I actually sat down and enjoyed the process of writing.

The one thing I said to myself every day as I was writing: don’t stop to research, just write. And I wrote. And I am sure it was crap, but I finished the very rough draft of a story of 50000+ words.

My goal for January is to print the story out, and then start with editing, and researching and rewriting…

Quote on What women want

I am going through my old highlights on my Kindle from time to time. Some of them make perfect sense even much later, the majority of them seems to be that I’ve just held down my finger at the wrong point.

The quote below from Lean in, by Sheryl Sandberg was one of the ones that I think make a lot of sense, even out of context.

“Not all women want careers. Not all women want children. Not all women want both. I would never advocate that we should all have the same objectives.”

The important bit becomes to ensure to not look down on women who pick differently from what we would have picked for ourselves.

Women are not one entity that thinks and feel the same way.

We have different goals and aspirations.

And that is okay.


Authors, coming books… pre-ordering

Dear authors,

Usually, when I finish the most recent book in a series, I want to read more. A lot of the time, you tell me the name of the coming book in the end of the book.

If you have the name of the book and when it will be published – please make either an entry of it on Amazon (or a similar site) or on GoodReads. Amazon (or similar site) so I can pre-order it, or GoodReads so I can add it to list of books I want to buy.

By the time the next book comes up on either site for ordering or adding, I might have moved on and forgot all about that interesting book I wanted to read. After all, there are so many books out there, and so little time.

If you have it listed for pre-order, I will order it once I’m finished with the last book. I might not remember it by the time it actually is published, but it is then a very nice surprise to get it in the mail or on automatic download to the reading device.

It’s all about marketing savvy, isn’t it?


PS. I have been informed that it is possible to subscribe to updates from Authors at their author profile at Amazon. A good first step.

National Novel Writing Month

Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month, or nanowrimo for short? It is an approach to writing a novel in 30 days.

From November 1 to November 30, the goal is to have written a 50,000 words novel. (You can, of course just write a single word and copy it up 50,000 times in the document and then verify it at their website, but I doubt anyone’d call it a novel…)

50,000 words in 30 days is 1666-1667 words each day. It’s entirely do-able.

I’ve done it a couple of times, but I’ve only been successful once.

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A fresh start

No matter how many technical applications I have for writing in, Word, Scrivener, OpenOffice… – I don’t think there is anything that compares to an empty, lined notebook and a brand new pen that writes well.

The rest of the writing process may be messy and disorganized, and may work better in computer-based writing programmes, such as Word or Scrivener, where it is easier to edit and move things around. But that first page… that first page is so filled with possibilities, and it’s so much easier to fill a handwritten page than an electronic one, for me.

Since I graduated, my life does not have that many new notebooks any more. But I guess that only means I should find them for myself, and write what I want, and not depend on having them for class.

My class notes always ended up with plenty of doodles and character development in the margin.

My biggest problem with that was actually remembering where I’d written what, so I could get it into the document.

I’m sure there are plenty of unfinished scenes or plot ideas scrambled about in old notebooks.