Rewatching Bones Season 2

Bones season 2 is partially about Brennan’s relationship with her recently discovered father, and Brennan and Booth’s relationship.

Unlike most of the other seasons, this only has 21 episodes. One was meant to air, but was held back due to the Virginia Tech shootings, as the episode dealt with finding human remains on the college campus. I recall that when the DVD came out, there was outrage online for the lack of the episode in the box set. The episode was later included in the following season.

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Rewatching: Bones season 1

I have been on a bit of a kick where I watch television and knit at the same time lately. I caught Top Gear, Idol, Cake Boss and a bunch of other things before deciding that it was the perfect time to watch some of my television box sets again. I started with Bones.

Bones is the story of Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist and Seely Booth, FBI Agent. Admittedly, the latter is the reason for why I started watching it – I kept up with some of the Buffy/Angel alumni who seemed like they were on interesting shows. Bones was one of those shows.

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Video: Manic Monday

Growing up, my Dad had some summer tapes from the late 80s, maybe early 90s, in the car. I grew up listening to those, to the degree when there was a popular music poll in my 6th grade class, Manic Monday was on my favourite-list. This in a time when Gangsta’s Paradise and Boombastic were topping the hit list in Norway…
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Harry Potter

I haven’t seen Harry Potter yet. As a huge HP fan… It’s not very impressive, but I also find that the longer I go without seeing it, the less inclined am I to do so.

I enjoyed the book, but it was also very dark and depressive. Do I really want to go into Christmas feeling dark and depressed yet again? On the other hand, I got some good shipping bits from the other movies…

Probably going to go see it on Sunday, though.

In the mean time there is the rest of the yogalates video to go through tonight. I keep feeling that I am not getting a workout, but my muscles are aching nevertheless…

Harry & Charles

Charles & Harry is a mini series that NRK sent this Christmas. It details the 6-8 months period in the life of Prince Carl of Denmark and Princess Maud of Wales before they became the King and Queen of Norway. It therefore also includes a gallery of the royal family in Copenhagen and King Edward VII in the UK.

The series have received critique for being 10% facts and 90% fiction. Nevertheless, even though I was gnashing my teeth some of the time, it is an interesting series to watch.

I rather liked the family dynamics of the Danish court, and the more carefree depictions of family life in Bredgade.

I also liked how they got some the actors to look like the persons they were meant to portray. Although, I am convinced that Jacob Cedergren would also have made a fabulous Czar Nicholas II.

Unfortunately for royal watchers elsewhere, it is chiefly in Danish, with some Norwegian & Swedish thrown into the mix. There are bits and pieces of dialogue in English and French (the previous Princess Marie was by all accounts in the series not pleased about being in Denmark) but it is subtitled in Norwegian. It puzzles my mind, though, how, when the series is written and produced and sent by the same company, they can manage to mistranslate Danish to Norwegian in the subtitles.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

NRK is apparently in talks of selling the series to other countries.