A review: Vivian Seving, etc.

Vivian Seving, etc.Recently, I was asked to hold a talk on books for some of my colleagues, and the afternoon before the book-talk, I picked up Ari Behn’s latest. The likelihood that someone else had read it was slim, since it’s just come out, and it was thin (unlike the latest tome on the Queen Mother, which I still haven’t got around to opening), so it was definitely a quick read.

Vivian Seving, etc. is about Vivian Seving, a former movie “star” who was married to a German (or possibly Austrian) hereditary prince. The book starts after he is dead, and Princess Vivian then has to face the press (including rabid bloggers) on her own.

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Märtha Louise with a new series of books.

Princess Märtha Louise will be writing a series of books called “The Angel School,” publisher Cappelen Damm reports.

The books will be presenting the topics that are taught in Astarte, her school, for self-development. She will be writing them with Elisabeth Samnøy, who is also the other partner in Astarte.

It is unknown how many books the series will contain, but the publisher notes that a series is usually more than three books. The first one has the working title “Meet your guardian angel” and will be published in October.

1015 København K: One reader’s review

I picked this book up in October 2007, as something to read on a long train ride. It was a substitute for the gossip magazines I would buy on other occasions when I am on a journey. As a substitute for that, it works just fine. The style is similar to the style of Ekstrabladet, Billedbladet, Hello, etc. There is nothing new there – it’s not the work of a Nobel laureate, but the work of a journalist who has had the focus on the royals for some time.

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My life with horses

Personally, I am less than accustomed with horses. I’ve been on a pony once, under duress, and aside from that my closest relationship with them has been through My Little Pony, or horses for my Barbies. That being said… I still found the biography about Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and her life with horses an interesting read.

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Profession Princess: Book review

Catarina Hurtig: Profession Prinsesse – translated to Danish.

Let me start out by saying that I wish I could have read the original Swedish version of this book. Unfortunately, the only version I could get my hands on, was the Danish translation.

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The mistresses of Danish Kings – book review

The mistresses are the darker side of the royals – they weren’t perfect, the mistresses are proof that they did not stick to their marriage vows. And as the book by Henning Dehn-Nielsen shows, it also happened in the Danish royal history. Repeatedly.

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Freud m’a dit – Freud har sagt – a book review

In 2006, Steen Kristensen published a triple biography in Danish on Prince George of Greece and Denmark, Princess Marie Bonaparte and Sigmund Freud. The result was definitely worth a read.

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Frederik: Kronprins af Danmark

Frederik“Frederik: Kronprins af Danmark” is the newest biography about the Danish royals. Where the unofficial biography about Marie Cavallier came before the wedding – just in time for the Danes to get to know their new princess (and the publisher to make quick money on it, if we’re being cynical about it…) – this latest endeavour was published on the occasion of Crown Prince Frederik’s 40th birthday. It is written by Karin Palshøj og Gitte Redder, the same two journalists who wrote the biography of Crown Princess Mary.

The fact that this is an official biography is shown by the fact that not only is Crown Prince Frederik talking to the authors, his brother, his close friends, his head of security, his former colleagues, and so on, are also doing it – and they’re doing it by name. A few notables are missing – the Queen, the Prince Consort, some royal cousins… but that’s just nitpicking.

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The Jewels of the Danish royal house

Juvelerne i det danske kongehus – Bjarne Steen Jensen, 2001.

According to an interview with Bjarne Steen Jensen in 2006, he has spent years building up his knowledge of the Danish royal jewels, and this most certainly shines through in this quite excellent reference book on the jewels in the Danish royal family.

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Borders and royal books


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Tina Brown’s Diana is a great Christmas gift for “Your Grandma” according to the Borders staff.


I’m not sure what this says about the general perception of royal watchers (that we’re all 80 year olds?).


I do own a copy of it. And I wouldn’t classify myself as an 80 year old or a granny. How about you?

First royal book

In 1996, I received my first copy of a book that would prove to give ample fruit to the interest in future investigations on the subject. The city was London, with its many bookshops, and in one of those… I received my first copy of Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain, by Eric R Delderfield.

The edition of the book, which I acquired, may not be quite up to date today – after all, Charles and Diana are no longer married; the Queen has two more grandchildren; Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother have passed away, et cetera. However, it is still an interesting book to rummage through, for the longer historic lines, and details… even if the more current history is not quite up to date.

Today, for basic information, I suspect one would just go to Wikipedia, instead of to an actual book.