A baby boy for Victoria and Daniel

Victoria had her second child, a boy, at Karolinska hospital in Stockholm at 8.28 PM today March 2. According to Prince Daniel at the press conference, it happened very quickly. They did not know in advance that it would be a boy. Princess Estelle hasn’t been told that she is a big sister yet, as she had gone to bed when her parents departed for the hospital.

The King and Queen now have two each of granddaughters and grandsons, and the child expected in April by their son and daughter-in-law will tip the balance.

The name will be announced tomorrow in the council of state.

Anyone have any nice suggestion for a royal Swedish boy’s names?

The King is called: Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus.

Prince Daniel’s full name is Olof Daniel.

His father is named Olle Gunnar. 

Prince Carl Philip’s full name is Carl Philip Edmund Bertil.

Prince Nicolas was called: Nicolas Paul Gustaf (so, original first name, and grandfathers.)


Princess Estelle’s name does also contain the names of her two grandmothers, Silvia and Ewa. So I think that we might very likely see at least either one of Carl Gustaf’s names and either one of Olle Westling’s names in the mix. I am hoping, for the sake of alliteration that they will go with Gustaf and Gunnar. 😀

I am liking the Swedish prince name Eugen, which I think would work well with Estelle, but they are probably bringing this one out of left field like they did with her name.

Victoria expecting second child

The Swedish court announced on Instagram that Crown Princess Victoria is expecting her second child – due in March.


The announcement comes after news media and others have speculated over the summer that the Crown Princess might be expecting another child. However, such speculations have come before without confirmations… it is therefore interesting that they are true this time around.

Pictures of Cousins Princesses Estelle and Leonore

Foto: H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, kungahuset.se / H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, The Royal Court, Sweden
Foto: H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, kungahuset.se / H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, The Royal Court, Sweden

Princess Estelle finally got to meet her little cousin Princess Leonore when she was in New York. Victoria took the pictures.

The two girls are both wearing a version of the same dress.

I am oddly reminded of pictures of myself at Estelle’s age – when my parents would try me out with babies. 7 months later I had a younger sister. Just saying…

To discuss the pictures, why not head over to the Swedish Royal Family thread at The Royal Resource?

Foto: H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, kungahuset.se / H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, The Royal Court, Sweden
Foto: H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, kungahuset.se / H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria, The Royal Court, Sweden

Recap: Haga documentary

The documentary aired on SVT on April 21, 2014. The below is my live blogging of some of the comments made along the way. Unfortunately it is not yet available for streaming outside Sweden. Update: It is available here: http://www.svtplay.se/video/1935997/haga-slott-ett-kungligt-hem

It is a nice documentary that brings together the history and the current life at Haga.

“It feels very special for me, to have the family back at Haga. It was built by family, so it feels like the circle is completed.” Crown Princess Victoria

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A year with Estelle

Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset
Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset

How much has Estelle grown in a year? The Swedish royal court has released these quarterly pictures of Princess Estelle.






Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset
Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset

But it wasn’t before I propped these photos in order, with the newest last that I noticed how much she has grown and developed.









Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset
Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset

The tiny imp is becoming a big girl who can run, walk and bake.










Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset
Photo: Kate Gabor, Kungahuset

Someone over at Aftonbladet said that the best PR for the Swedish monarchy for a while would be to have the King “work from home”, and to let pictures of Princess Estelle be the media strategy…

It has certainly been a while since there was young, giddy children for photo shoots like this in the Swedish royal family. The current “middle” generation of Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine put a stopper to it when they were in their teens. It is therefore nice to see that the Crown Princess is bringing the tradition back with Estelle.

Victoria and H&M

One of the foremost things a female royal today can do for her country’s fashion industry is to wear what they produce in public. Where she will be photographed. It is a promotion of that country and that industry. (Fashion is less important in the role than the humanitarian aspects and other official duties, but it is still an industry.)

Some of them are very good at this. The house of Natan in Belgium have a massive promotional value in the Belgian royal ladies wearing their couture. (Although, it can be debated if always wearing it successfully.) Another is the Princess of Asturias who is a frequent wearer of Zara and Mango – both Spanish brands.

And some are very good, but it leaves a question mark with me on how wise it is, to do the excessive wear. One of those is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. She wears plenty of H&M clothes. It’s not a bad idea, on the surface.

It is a Swedish brand. It is not a high cost brand by any means. A good profile for the Swedish heir to the throne to wear.

Her friendship with the heir to the H&M empire, and its CEO, and her own shares in the company, although less now than a year ago, makes it a tad questionable for me.

And when she showed up on the official visit to London yesterday, with a jacket from H&M’s new designer collaboration line that isn’t out officially until November 14, I feel that it has seriously topped the line of promotion of a brand. Huffington Post has the picture of Victoria in a jacket from the Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration.

Promotion of Swedish fashion abroad is very well, but here H&M receives a boost to a line of clothing that isn’t out yet. If this had been the only issue here, I wouldn’t have had a problem.

My main point is that: I think the Swedish monarchy should be more neutral in terms of promotion of their friends, and companies where they personally have shares, when out and about on official visits for Sweden.



It’s a girl for Victoria

When they said that Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden would give birth in the beginning of March, many of us suspected that it was adjusted a bit for royal reasons. (Usually so they have a bit of privacy for getting to the hospital.)

But February 23 sounds pretty close to the beginning of March to me. The new princess of Sweden was born at 04.26 this morning. She was 51 cm long, and 3280 grams, according to the father in a press conference this morning, who called her a “very sweet princess.”

Congratulations to Daniel and Victoria with a new baby girl.

The Scandinavian Heirs to go to Greenland

Last year, the three heirs to the Scandinavian thrones, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, travelled to Svalbard on the occasion of the International Polar Year.

They apparently enjoyed the experience so much, that they’ll be repeating it this year, in another location.

From May 27 to June 1, they will follow up last year’s trip, with a trip around Greenland.

They will travel on the ship H.D.M.S. Ejnar Mikkelsen along with scientist researching the environment.

Visits to Qeqaertarsauaq to examine sustainable energy alternatives, to the University of Copenhagen’s research station, as well as the iceberg town of Ilulissat.

Later in June, Crown Prince Frederik will return to join in the 30 anniversary celebrations of Greenlandic Home Rule, with the Queen, Prince Henrik and Crown Princess Mary.

Victoria & Daniel: Wedding 2010

They had waited so long – but today, it became official. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden received permission from the State Council and the King, and will be marrying Mr. Daniel Westling in the early summer of 2010. Daniel will receive the title Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland, thus taking the male version of his future wife’s ”Duchess of Västergötland

The news of the imminent engagement was first broken by Swedish newspaper Expressen, who declared that the couple would marry, and that even before the requisite permissions had been collected. Aftonbladet correctly predicted that the wedding would happen summer 2010, and published a guesstimate of the guest list

Victoria and Daniel met in 2001, and have been a couple since 2002.

The Royal Twist congratulates the happy couple, and will of course be following the preparations for the happy day.

Victoria’s wedding, cost vs. profit

Di.se had an article a while ago, which I found fascinating, and wanted to discuss. They have basically taken the potential wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and her boyfriend, Daniel Westling and calculated what they estimate to be the cost of the wedding, and the profits.

Let’s take a look at their calculations:

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