Want: Japanese peace lily

I’ve been killing my plants lately. Or, at any rate, the roses I bought after I chucked out my cucumber and tomato plants this summer have started wilting like crazy. I figure it is just a matter of time.

Screen capture from the movie Hot Fuzz

So, for my next flower want – the Japanese Peace Lily from Hot Fuzz. I already have a pink peace lily which was a present a couple of years back, and honestly, the thing is nearly indestructible.

I forget to water it – doesn’t matter.

Winter in Norway – doesn’t matter.

Too warm – doesn’t matter.

The only thing that have affected it, on some scale, was direct sunlight.

Gingerbread House

For a long time, we used the pre-made Gingerbread House-sets. My mother does not care for melting sugar to the point of caramel to glue gingerbread pieces together, and having a pre made set made the process easier. She just delegated it to us.

My sisters and I have talked for a bit about making a gingerbread house from scratch, and to make it look like our cabin in the mountains.

The Saltbox House pattern we started with doesn’t quite resemble the cabin, but moving the door around, and not having any windows on the largest piece of gingerbread helped.

Due to an extreme amount of dough, we ended up making two gingerbread houses – so now one is residing with my parents and another one came home with me. Check out the pictures below.

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