Take a deep breath…

Autumn (in combination with the hormonal cycle) is wreaking its havoc on my mood again. Things that aren’t usually affecting me – feel like the end of the world.

Taking a deep breath – pausing – and doing something concrete and positive instead.

I’m not good at that.

Not good at disconnecting from it.

I have a mental list of projects, but those are forgotten in the lethargy of it all.

Algorithms vs. chronological

When I first started reading social media (be it LiveJournal, Facebook, GoogleReader (RIP) or Twitter), things were easy. It was chronological. 

That meant that whenever I reached a post I remembered reading before, I was done. 

Now, a lot of the sites have gone the direction of using algorithms that show you what you see, and in which order you see it. 

And it’s annoying. Two hour old tweets disappear behind tweets that are days old. And the same with Facebook posts. (And don’t get me started on how ALL I suddenly see on Facebook are things my friends liked… or comments they have made on other people’s posts.)

/grumpy old lady.