Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling

Cucumber bitesNeed a quick and easy snack, or something cool to serve as appetizers, or part of a tapas meal? These Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling from  Annie’s Eats could well be the thing. (Especially if you pair it with something salty on another tray – cured meat, salmon bites or…?)

Mine doesn’t look as pretty as hers – but they were probably just as tasty.

Since I can’t get the herb and garlic Boursin cheese in Norway, I went with Philadelphia’s cream cheese with herbs and garlic. One American cheese is as good as another, right?

Make sure that you don’t mix in too much cream, or it will get too liquid.

I think mine were slightly too runny, but they still stayed well on the cucumbers.

Roasted chickpeas as a snack.


Anybody else have cravings for something salty, paprika-ish-y at times? I usually tend to go for the chips, which honestly I feel guilty about straight afterwards.

(Though, I will say this that living on the 5th floor with no elevator is great for not feeding in to the cravings. It is not just popping out to the store anymore…)

I found this little tip – roasted chickpeas from Fitsugar. You can put whatever spice you’d like on them (if you’re craving a particular flavour…) with just enough spice to suit yourself. Mind the amount of salt, though.

Review: The Chocolate Kiss

The Chocolate Kiss
The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just reread this book, and completely had a chocolate craving. Especially since the hot chocolate played such an essential role in the book – almost like a character of its own.

And then it snowed today. So I felt like I had the perfect excuse.

I made the chocolate chaud recipe in the back of the book. It was a perfect cup on a cold day.

hot chocolate

The next time I make it, I might skip the cinnamon and nutmeg infusion though. I think the chocolate could stand on its own well enough.

Cheesy bits

20140103-234742.jpgThe first part of our New Year’s Eve menu were these cheesy bits from The French revolution. They’re really dead easy – puff pastry, shredded cheese (we went for Jarlsberg), and a bit of spice.

Add the spice and the shredded cheese on top of the puff pastry.

Bake them up according to the instructions for the puff pastry, and serve.

It was tasty, and we ate the whole batch. But we all thought it missed *something*.

Maybe a bit of ham. Or a bit of tomato sauce.

Or *something*.

Maybe we’re philistines.

It was a rather nifty and quick appetizer though.


Norwegian cooking: Gomme

20130929-120056.jpgA lot of the time, traditional Norwegian food does not look particularly appetizing. In many cases, it looks bland and boring.

And other times, it sort of looks like a brain exploded. Which is why, if you’re throwing a Halloween bash or a gory themed party, this dish is perfect for the visual aspect.

Gomme/Gome is one of those dishes that have small variations where in Norway you might be.

We tried replicating my grandmother’s version, and since she is from the South-Western part of Norway – we used this recipe as a base.

Gomme is a sweet dish that is meant to be used as dessert, as spread on flatbread/bread or just to be eaten as candied snack.

It’s really about having the time to do it. There is not a lot of active work, except for stirring the pot every now and then, but you have to be present and ensure that it doesn’t burn.

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Baked Beet Chips (Or the story of a thumb)

Well, I started out, intending to make Baked Beet Chips.

Then came an unfortunate accident with my mandoline slicer, in which I sliced off a piece of my right thumb. Which, actually is even less fun than it sounds. And it does not sound like fun at all.

Rushing around, trying to stop the flow of blood, trying to Google what to do (beyond clean the wound, hold something over it, and bandage it), and then realizing that Googling anything health related will just have me mentally in the hospital ward before the blood has even stopped. I bandaged it up with gauze, and tried to ice it a bit at the same time.

And I did what I normally do. I called my mom.

This would make sense if she was a trained medical professional, but she is a stay-at-home preschool teacher whose four children have never been very prone to injuries (and when we were injured or ill, we were packed off to a neighbor who was a doctor.) She didn’t know, but suggested I call the emergency clinic and ask what to do.


A visit to the emergency clinic and I had a clean wound, a smaller bandage and an admonishment to get my tetanus shots up to date within 72 hours.

20130924-224705.jpg That white lump is the bandage I had put on myself. The small white bit is the one the nurse put on at the clinic. Difference, no?

But once I returned home, I spied the beets that had been mandolined, before the blood and gore, and had not been contaminated.

I took the beet chips, turned them around in 0.5 dl olive oil, some sea salt and some pepper. Then I added them (and the olive oil) to a heated pot (as hot as I could get it.) and fried them off.

It wasn’t my original plan, but sometimes plans go astray, and the fried beet chips were pretty delicious.



Love hearts

The Love Hearts candy was quite big when I was in school. There was a definite interest in finding one that said the right thing. (And possibly send the perfect one to a crush…)  And there’s definitely a nostalgic element to them.

Now, I’m less interested in what they say… and only try to find the proper pink “strawberry” ones that are my favorites.