Lapper, or sveler, is the Norwegian version of American pancakes. Well, other than the fact that you’d get a strange look over here if you tried eating them for breakfast.
They’re squarely in the domain of sweet food – hence they are meant to be eaten for afternoon tea/coffee. Maybe if a class or an organization has a bake sale, they will be featured.
We eat them with butter, or jam, or jam and sour cream, or in rare circumstances – with Danish chocolate spread.lappermedsjokoladelapper

Tuesday with Dorie: Nutella buttons

This week’s recipe in Tuesday’s with Dorie was Nutella Buttons (Baking Chez Moi,  page 188). Basically, mini muffins filled  with Nutella. Check out the other bakers.

The mini versions turned out pretty great, but as I was lacking patience and lacking good liners – I turned the rest of the batter into big version.

I am generally not a big fan of white cakes (including cupcakes) but these were moist and delicious. The nutella filling helped a lot.

Apple Cinnamon Rolls

All across the spring semester, I was testing Oslo for the perfect cinnamon bun. Whenever I would spot one in a display case, that was what I would order. And almost inevitably be let down. Either the buns were too dry, too little filling… or just plain wrong.

What can I say, cinnamon buns are almost sacred to a girl from the western coast of Norway.

So, when the weather changed from summer to autumn, it was time to get baking.

Since I have a lot of apples on my hands, I found yet another recipe I had book-marked and went to work.

I opted for a modification, since I have a lot of apples, and made The Pioneer Woman’s Caramel apple sweet rolls.


cinnamon rolls

I replaced a fourth of the flour with a slightly less refined option, and replaced the sugar in the dough with Steviosa (a sugar-like Stevia product.) Since the rest of the recipe is filled with brown sugar, I’m not sure there was much effect going on with the latter replacement, but every little bit helps? *shrug*

It will not be completely wrong to say that these were devoured. The caramel in the filling and the icing was delicious, albeit maybe a touch too sweet. If I make it again, I would use less powdered sugar in the icing. (I used the four cups listed, and could well have done with 2, to have the icing more runny.)


20131208-212858.jpgIt’s December 13, or Saint Lucia’s day today. What better day to make Lucia buns? The recipe has been translated and adapted from this one.


50 g yeast
500 ml milk
150 g butter
250 g quark cheese
2 dl sugar
0.5 g saffron
0.5 tsp turmeric
1.6 liter all purpose flour, plus extra for rolling
1 egg
1 tbsp milk for brushing before baking

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Cinnamon snails

As I said with the raspberry slices – there are certain things I miss about Denmark. The Kanelsnegle – or cinnamon snail – is one of them. It is slightly more cake-y than a regular cinnamon bun, and usually dripping with icing.

I tried to make my own. And failed.




I tried my hand with this recipe from DR – but somehow, along the process, something went wrong. It definitely does not have the taste or texture like any cinnamon snail I’ve had in Denmark.

I suspect there are many reasons for this.

The yeast might have rebelled against my Norwegian cold kitchen.

The filling, which unlike the Norwegian recipe does not require melted butter, but softened butter whipped with cinnamon and sugar to a spread, which is then schmeared on the dough before rolling and cutting – also ended up being a problem – as the butter melted and sank to the bottom in the proofing time. (This might be because I used a slightly warm oven for proofing place as my kitchen is kind of cold.)

There was also confusion (for me at least) when to add the milk to the yeast, as I couldn’t tell when the recipe said for it to be added.

I debated whether or not to post this, as it is a failure – but since I’m definitely not perfect…

Anyone have a kanelsnegle recipe they use and love?

Sunshine buns

There’s been a decided lack of summer weather in Norway this summer (What is this heat wave you speak of?), so some cinnamon-goodness “sunshine buns” could be the thing to get me in the mood for autumn. Hopefully autumn will be better, weather-wise.

This is essentially your basic cinnamon buns, but with a thick custard in the middle before baking – recreating the “sun.” I drizzled with a lime flavored powdered-sugar icing.

And then I ate way too many.

Mickey Mouse-shaped Oat Waffles

Norwegian-style waffles are softer than the Belgian ones. There are about as many different recipes as there are households, I’d think. They’re usually heart-shaped, but I couldn’t resist using my sister’s Mickey Mouse waffle-iron.

These ones came about when I was cleaning up my diet by doing  low-GI for a while after Christmas, but still wanted a treat to serve guests. I’ve used the basic recipe from Norwegian site Det Søte Liv, but tried to adapt a bit to the fact that I was avoiding regular white sugar. Continue reading “Mickey Mouse-shaped Oat Waffles”

Soft pretzel buns

Sometimes you just need something small to snack on. Or maybe dip in something. Or put jam on – so that the mix of sweet/salty comes through. These pretzel bites (though mine ended up more like small buns) had an incredibly spongy quality that reminded me of bagels. (Not so strange, considering that they went into a pot of water, like bagels do.)

If I would have made it differently, I wouldn’t have skimped on the salt. (I was afraid of overdoing it.) The ones where we could really taste the salt were the best ones.

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Banana Bran Muffins

These muffins were a lot less sweet than I thought they would be, if that makes any sense. The scent of cinnamon and bananas might have tricked me into thinking it would be sweeter. It definitely feels healthier than some of the other banana bran muffins recipes I’ve seen.

There was actually a point where I tasted the batter, and had my doubts. It had a bitter aftertaste that did not work for me.

So, I was slightly anxious as they were coming out of the oven. What if they weren’t good?

I ended up gobbling one down, almost straight away. It was yummy.

Ingredient-wise, it does kind of remind me of the banana bread I posted in April, though that was sweeter and had chocolate.

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Caramelized red onion and feta “pull-apart” bread

The cinnamon pull-apart bread made its round in the blogosphere a while ago – and boy, was it tasty.

But I was intrigued when I saw the other side of the coin – the savory version at Pink Parsley.

I modified a bit, the cheese and herb looked good, but I had a real craving for caramelized onions and feta cheese. I also substituted regular flour for bread flour.

I loved it. My sister, H., who isn’t crazy about onions, liked most of it, but the middle pieces which tend to have a lot of filling were too much for her.

Dragging the slices off the bread satisfies a childish tendency in me.

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Cinnamon and raisin bagels

Back in July, watching the television coverage from the Oslo bombings and the Utøya shootings. I was sitting in front of the television set the entire Saturday… and in the evening, I felt like I had to do something else. Being on the other side of the country, unable to help anyone on the Eastern parts; I chose to make bagels.

There is something ultimately satisfying about kneading a dough and getting out a bit of frustration in that way, if you know what I mean.

I haven’t taken a picture of my efforts, since I’m apparently hopeless when it comes to shaping bagels, but I ended up eating them over the following week – and they were really tasty,.

I used the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker here.

Cinnamon rolls

I got this from Beantown Baker who remade a recipe from Pioneer Woman. I’ve adapted the recipe to metrics, and modified a bit as to what works for me.

However, I do recommend taking a look at the other two to see what may or may work for you.

I’ve made it twice, and the last time I changed out a bit of the flour for wholemeal, which worked rather well.

Personally, I like a bit less cinnamon than in the original recipe, so I’ve cut down on that.

All I had in the fridge was low-fat milk, so I’ve substituted that for the original whole milk.

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