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cookies & cream

Cookies & Cream

One reaction to this was: It tastes much better than the cookies & cream ice cream you can buy in store. Which, honestly, is the chief point of making ice cream from scratch. I used the recipe from Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones: 90 Recipes for Making Your Own Ice …

Herb pancakes with smoked salmon and chèvre

When you have a pescetarian living with you for three weeks, you adapt. And you adapt recipes. Such as this one, which originally had cured sausage as part of the filling. Swapping the meat with smoked salmon… easy peasy solution. And the flavours still go very well together. It’s an …

Star anise ice cream

There is something utterly fascinating about the thought of anise or liquorice ice cream. The basic bitter, instead of very sweet, ice cream  leads to a disconcerting flavour profile in your mouth. I saw this recipe first  at I adapted it slightly, but if I ever make it again, …


Lemon-Buttermilk Sorbet

This Lemon-Buttermilk Sorbet Recipe from Yumsugar is super easy, and really refreshing on a hot day. We didn’t have as much lemon as was directed in the recipe, so we added in some lime instead. It worked fine.

sweet potato fries

Sweet Potato Fries

I said I was into sweet potatoes at the moment. These baked fries just fed into that obsession. Granted, my fries didn’t end up very crispy, but this was still utterly delicious. I probably didn’t have them in the oven long enough. Very basic spices going on. Salt, pepper and …


May recipe: BBC GoodFood calendar

I originally thought that the BBC GoodFood May Calendar recipe would be perfect for when I had a friend to stay for the month – she is a pescetarian. And the recipe is called Simple Salmon with spring pasta. Unfortunately for her, the fact was  that this is wrapped in prosciutto. …

Sweet potato cubes

Vegan Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito

I’m seriously into sweet potatoes at the moment. This Vegan Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito is super-tasty. For the leftovers, I didn’t use the burrito. It was actually better. Just cubed sweet potatoes and tomatoes/beans. Yum.

Cucumber bites

Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling

Need a quick and easy snack, or something cool to serve as appetizers, or part of a tapas meal? These Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling from  Annie’s Eats could well be the thing. (Especially if you pair it with something salty on another tray – cured meat, salmon bites …

salted butter caramel ice cream

Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

It’s almost May 17 – the day when Norwegian kids get to eat as much ice cream as they’d like. I made this ice cream from David Lebovitz’ site: Salted Butter Caramel Ice cream. My changes: I didn’t make the praline for mix-in. For a while I thought I might …

April recipe: BBC GoodFood calendar

My original plan was to make all the recipes in the BBC GoodFood Calendar for 2014. I have done well so far – three meals for three months. But somehow I failed when it came to April’s recipe. It is these Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes. There were multiple reasons for …


Pasta Chicken Alfredo

Sometimes I want pasta. Really want pasta. And creaminess, and chicken. This recipe from the Pioneer woman hit the spot.  Since I am trying (well, sometimes) to be healthier – it is whole wheat pasta instead of regular. It’s the illusion that counts.


March recipe: BBC GoodFood Calendar

The March Recipe from the BBC GoodFood was this Lamb & Mango Curry. My local store did not have any lamb that wasn’t super expensive, so I replaced it with pork. Without any issues. Minimal work, mostly it “makes itself” in the oven. The curry actually really needs the mango …


Roasted chickpeas as a snack.

Anybody else have cravings for something salty, paprika-ish-y at times? I usually tend to go for the chips, which honestly I feel guilty about straight afterwards. (Though, I will say this that living on the 5th floor with no elevator is great for not feeding in to the cravings. It …


Cauliflower soup

Growing up, my mother had her share of stand-by recipes. We were (and to this day some of us still are) a family of picky eaters. Tomato soup, spaghetti and minced meat, home-made pizza, tacos, and cauliflower soup were all things that we’d all eat. Whenever I eat either of …

Chocolate cake

February recipe – BBC GoodFood Calendar

The February recipe in the BBC GoodFood calendar was the Squidgy chocolate & pomegranate torte.  My pomegranate wasn’t tasting as it should, so what ended up on the table was just the torte itself with the ganache. I also don’t have access to a food processor at the moment, so …

Stir-fried pork with ginger & honey

Sometimes you just want an easy meal. This  Stir-fried pork with ginger & honey from BBC Good Food is sure to fulfill that. Easy, tasty, and it doesn’t take too long to put together. Perfect for those days when you don’t have the time to cook for ages, but still want …


“Thai” Chicken Pizza

In some ways, this pizza is deceptive. The picture looks about the same as the pizza did. Not very attractive. Oh, but the taste… It is pure deliciousness from the first bite. There might have been leftovers for the next day (since I can’t eat a whole of these pizzas …

Broccoli & cheddar soup

So, again, the snow is falling outside. Snow. Snow. Snow. It means that it is a pretty good time for making this creamy, cheesy, warm  soup. Plus, there is broccoli in it – so despite the cheese, not totally unhealthy. I rummaged through some old bookmarks, and found this version …